zNose Food Safety Detection


Food & Beverage Rapid Analysis


The zNose has consistently proven itself in food and beverage settings, producing lightning-fast results at up to part-per-billion sensitivity.


Analysing the VOCs from various ingredients all the way along the food supply chain can help authorities, suppliers, retailers and others confirm and maintain standards and identify public health threats earlier.


The zNose offers low cost rapid trace detection of various potential dangers in the human food supply chain.


Food and beverage producers are discovering the benefits of the zNose for quality control - from salt cod, olive oil and cork producers to fizzy pop manufacturers.


Soft drinks manufacturers are exploring the zNose for benzene detection and control within the manufacturing process.


The global wine industry is finding the zNose extremely beneficial for preventative TCA detection. Anything that can help reduce or eliminate 'corked' wine has to be a good thing!


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