zNose Hydrocarbon Detection


Hyrdrocarbon Processing Industry - HPI Analysis


Chemical & Petrochemical


The zNose has consistently proven itself in both chemical and petrochemical settings, producing lightning-fast results at up to picogram sensitivity.


Hydrocarbon analysis is provided in real-time, in the field, with the zNose 4600 instrument.


The Hydrocarbon Processing Industry ( HPI ) has long been searching for a faster and cheaper analytical instrument to supplement or replace standard laboratory GC testing.


The zNose allows oil and gas exploration and production teams to produce rapid, detailed results when and where needed. At a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


Emissions monitoring is an increasingly significant area for industries across the globe, with significant fines applied for unacceptable and illegal levels.


The zNose empowers operators to constantly monitor, in real time, the levels produced at their facility; ensuring that they remain responsible producers.


Foundry owners in particular are finding the zNose indispensible in monitoring their emissions and avoiding the related financial penalties for exceeding legal limits. Save the planet, avoid the fines.

Below are some zNose technical papers highlighting relevant subjects: