zNose Trace Detection


The zNose Ultra-Fast GC Vapour Tracer


Scientists have developed breakthrough chemical trace vapour analysis technology which is able to analyse the chemistry of many volatile organic compound ( VOC ) aroma, fragrance, odour or vapour in around 60 seconds.


This unique system, distributed internationally by TechMondial Limited, based upon ultra-high speed gas chromatography ( GC ) and Sound Acoustic Wave ( SAW ) technology, has resulted in a revolutionary instrument called the zNose.


The zNose is a true electronic nose, incorporating a patented solid-state chemical sensor with part-per-trillion ( picogram ) sensitivity and universal selectivity.


The dynamic range of the zNose instrument is C4 - C24.


Applications for the zNose are almost infinite, ranging from explosive detection, contraband discovery, building and vehicle security through to life science applications, including rapid diagnosis of certain airbourne infectious diseases.


Real time VOC analysis is available now using the zNose ultra-fast portable gas chromatograph ( GC ).


Laboratories in a variety of research and educational establishments around the world continue to extend the versatility of the amazing zNose instrument.


The zNose from TechMondial.