zNose Enviromental Detection


Environmental Remediation


The zNose instrument has consistently proven itself in environmental settings, producing lightning-fast results at up to part-per-billion (ppb) and even picogram, parts-per-trillion (ppt), sensitivity.


Facility, air, land and water monitoring is made fast, straightforward and extremely accurate.


Water and soil remediation is an increasing market for this unique instrument, the zNose GC/SAW, with many leading companies adding it to thier labs and mobile response units.


The portability of the zNose allows for field sampling in real time. The new zNose Model 4600 takes portability to another level.


Being an all-in-one instrument with inbuilt processing, library of compounds and excellent display, the zNose 4600 is the analysis tool for the field.


The zNose Model 4600 offers greater flexibility for those requiring increased field functionality through the unique long-life battery power cell and wireless communications facility.


Additionally the zNose Remote Sampling Kit 3300 allows for ultimate portability and speed of sampling.


Three Tenax-filled stainless steel tubes and a palm-sized pump allow samples to be taken almost anywhere. This method of sample collection also provides increased sensitivity.

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